The Backpackers Guide to Australia — ‘3rd-Year WHV’

20th November, 2019

3rd-Year working holiday visa - frequently asked questions

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How much specified rural work do you need to apply for a 3rd-year WHV?

6 months of specified rural work
(~179 days is the shortest possible number of calendar workdays to be completed).

When did this come into effect?

From 1st July 2019, any work before this date, unfortunately, does NOT count towards your 3rd-year visa.

Requirements for work to count towards 3rd-year visa?

You must already hold a 2nd-year visa (completed ~88days and been successful with receiving 2nd-year WHV) or appropriate bridging visa and only work completed after 1st July 2019 will count.

What if I can’t work due to the weather?

This will NOT count as days worked.

What about sick days and public holidays?

These will count as specified work ONLY IF you are paid for these days.

Specific changes from introducing the 3rd-year WHV

Updates taken from the Australian Department of Home Affairs website

Everything for a standard working holiday visa and 2nd-year visa applies, but here are the changes specific to the introduction of a 3rd-year visa as of November 2018.

Expanded working region for 462 holders:

  • From 5 November 2018, expanding the regional areas where subclass 462-visa holders can work in agriculture (plant and animal cultivation) to qualify for a second year of stay in Australia. Currently only those who work in Northern Australia are eligible.

Extended working period with the same employer:

  • From 5 November 2018, increasing the period in which subclass 417 and 462 visa holders can stay with the same agricultural (plant and animal cultivation) employer, from 6 to 12 months.

An additional year to live and work in Australia:

  • The option of a third-year for subclass 417 and 462 visa holders who, after 1 July 2019, undertake 6-months of specified work in a specified regional area during their second year.

More 462 Working Holiday Visas will be offered to partner countries:

  • An increase in the annual caps to a number of countries that participate in the subclass 462 visa program.

The age cap for WHV application has increased from 30 > 35 years of age for Canadians & the Irish.

  • Increase the eligible age for subclass 417 visa applicants from Canada and Ireland to 35.

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