Founder's Letter Reflecting On 2021

18th February, 2022

Thank you,

My name is Nicholas Terpkos, I'm the founder and CEO of Tree and I wanted to give you a brief run-down of the past 12 months, and to sincerely thank the people who have supported Tree thus far.

Tree began with the mission to protect backpackers from exploitation while working to secure a 2nd year visa.

This mission soon evolved to include grappling with the 'labour shortage crisis' felt by many farmers.

We believed and still believe, both problems can be solved by providing a better way to connect.

Soon after Tree's launch in late 2020, BundaGrow became the first business to list a job and hire job-seekers on the platform.

We are grateful to Anthony for speaking with us and providing invaluable feedback in the early days of Tree.

This past year has seen 42,000 jobseekers visit the platform, connecting thousands of workers to businesses across the country.

We have gone from 0 - 143 businesses having signed up to list jobs on Tree.

On average, businesses have received applications that amount to 88% of the total number of positions advertised.

Incredibly >95% of jobseekers who've used Tree recommend it to their friends.

We are thrilled with this effort, but far from content.

For the businesses we failed to provide sufficient access to labour this past year and to the jobseekers who didn't get a job, we apologise and we will do better.

For the businesses who found the labour they needed on Tree and to the jobseekers who found work and enjoyed using the platform, we are stoked and inspired by your success but this is just the beginning.

One of the biggest lessons we learnt early on was ‘updates aren’t improvements, unless it’s what our users want’.

7 Major updates in the past 12 months has lead to a better platform in function and form, because we’ve designed around our users feedback.

We’ve worked hard to stay in touch with our businesses and jobseekers, to listen, to understand, to run ideas past you and to keep you updated.

We couldn’t be where we are today without the generosity of our users lending us their time and thoughts.

A few people’s contribution stand out and have directly impacted Tree for the better, and we want to say a special thanks to:

- Chantal from Euri Gold Farms
- Nathan from AUSVEG
- Ed & Rob from Acclaimed Workforce
- Keely from Q.I.T.E.
- Carolyn from KA & CM Stephens
- Jessie from Sciberras Farms
- Carmela from Sunshine Employment
- Dave from followtheseasons
- Nick from Jess Bros
- Tony from Nerada Tea
- Jo-Ann from Hermitage Produce
- Rachel from Benyenda Citrus
- Alistair from AD rose contracting
- Faith from AGRIFRESH
- Lucy from Costa Berries
- Frank from APG Workforce
- Charles from C. Haaege
- Kate from Flavorite Hydroponic Tomatos
- Jared from Tasmanian Berries
- Lindsay from LJWF
- Mike & Kim from Thankful
- Nathan from Training Services NSW
- And to the hundreds of jobseekers we've spoken to over the phone and instagram

Looking ahead, the challenges for 2022 are many, but exciting.

Our main aim in all of this, is to help our people succeed, whether that be by connecting them with staff or connecting them to a job.

We have a number of exciting updates and announcements to help us achieve this aim and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

We sincerely hope you and your family are well, that you’ve had a joy filled start to the year and that you’re optimistic as we are about the future.


Founder | CEO

(Originally published on 17th January, 2022 - Edited 18th Feb, 2022)