Sally's story

July 15, 2020

We had quiz nights, drunk bingo, bus raves...

I have spent 91 days volunteering with Blazeaid in Cobargo, NSW. Blazeaid is a charity who give support to farmers in bushfire affected areas. Cobargo was drastically hit by the fires on the 31st Dec 2019, and even 6 months later the community is still bouncing back.

What we did as volunteers on a day to day basis was knocking down and rebuilding fences. We would work in small teams, on different farms. We could be on a farm for just a day, or even several weeks, depending on how much the farmer needed. Not a day goes by without getting cut by barbed wire.

The hardest part of my experience was seeing how badly affected the community was from the bushfires was extremely difficult. Houses, cars, shops and bush burnt to nothing. Working with farmers who had lost not only sheds, livestock and houses, but family members who had tragically died in the fires.

You should expect the unexpected. You will meet people you love, and you will meet people you can't wait to see the back of. You will make friendships that last.

"The gratitude we were offered from farmers is unexplainable".

If things aren't going well, don't think you are in the situation for ever. I did my farm work during the Covid Pandemic - and had 2 weeks of complete lockdown when we weren't allowed to leave the gates. 2 weeks after that we were offered a house to live in for free from one of the farmers. She later gave us a paid job. If you are having a bad time, it won't last forever and something else is round the corner.

The gratitude we were offered from farmers is unexplainable. Every week we were given cakes, tea, biscuits, on smoko, the odd beer at the end of a shift or a full case of beer for completely a job. We taken for meals out, invited for meals at their homes, and all this as a thank you for giving our time to help.

"I would 100% recommend volunteering with Blazeaid to get your 88 days."

We were living in one of the most beautiful places in NSW, so didn't have to drive far for a weekend away. During lockdown we had quiz nights, drunk bingo, bus raves and much more to keep us from going insane.

I would 100% recommend volunteering with Blazeaid to get your 88 days. Working for free and making a difference to people in need is a much better way to spend time in Australia than picking strawberries for a crap piece rate.

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