Lucas's story

January 14, 2020

I had to find fast and efficient solutions

"There can be no loss in trying new things, only new opportunities, new skills and new people to meet!"
Backpacker at a farm party with fireworks

I would definitely recommend farm work experience. For one it not only allows more time to discover the country but also to find the real Australian experience and meet people that are not always subjected to the tourism and international cultures we usually are as travellers (aka regional workers and farmers). It allows us to find jobs and develop skills some of us would never think about in our normal surroundings. Also importantly, you will meet other travellers, have amazing times and party hard.

I learned that in order to overcome the challenges of unpreparedness I had to find fast and efficient solutions. When it was to find farm work, of course buying a car was the only way. When it was about learning on the job, I found that asking as many questions as I find necessary is the best way to understand what you are doing and thus do it the right way efficiently.

Farmers and employers know who they are employing, and if they are of good faith, they will help you find solutions. Our employer got us a good deal in a caravan park near our workplace and also offered to have us stay on the site.

If I were to do it again, I would not be picky. Not to worry about how far it is from where I am, or for the best-looking ad or most enjoyable work as I am developing now in a job that was not my first choice originally. Also, I would maybe look for farm work earlier on. 88days farm work is challenging to find and can put pressure on you in your travels. Make sure you take the time and find jobs that will provide you with enough hours and money for it to be valid.

Just do it.

As travellers we focus mostly on the cities, touristic places and the riches of the deserted places to reflect on ourselves and the personal growth involved with our journeys. Farm work granted me a chance to realise that the regional people of Australia and the encounters you make also have that power to amaze you and make you grow.

There can be no loss in trying new things, only new opportunities, new skills and new people to meet!

Country of Origin
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General Farm Hand
Nhill, Victoria
Caravan Park
Own Car, Busses
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