Verdinsoir's story

April 29, 2020

Make your own experience

"love everybody, respect everybody, especially mother nature. Do not accept any bad vibes around you just ignore them."

My typical day

A typical day looks like 4:30 your alarm is ringing and when you walk to the bathrooms or the kitchen you can hear all the different alarms ringing at the same time. Having a quick break and jump in the car driving to the farm. Vining sweet potatoes in the morning and planting for 4 hours in the afternoon. Coming back at the hostel at 5pm, making dinner and lunch for the next day. This was my routine, a simple life.

What not to do

Don't start drinking the first day, otherwise you'll drink everyday and you going to be tired faster than you should. Don't go to the gym after your farm day, you'll suffer the next day.

What you should do

Loving and supporting each other. Accept what's happening because what comes next will be better.

My favourite memories

The parties I had on the farm were unbelievably fun and some of the best memories I have. The beautiful souls I've met that I'll cherish all my life and in particular the last month I got to spend with the best person I've met during my farm experience.

My advice

I heard a million times that Bundaberg was a sh*t hole, and farmers were not the best blokes. This is certainly not true. My boss and the family farm was absolutely lovely. I may have felt like a slave at times because it was tough work but I certainly was not treated like one. Don't listen to anyone, make your own experience. Because I loved Bundaberg, I loved my boss and I'm going back for 6 months.

Farm work is easy, there is nothing hard if you've got the mental.

Connect with me

Just created my instagram art page *@growupjohnn* I'm a graphics designer/illustrator, and I love cooking. I need a job before going for 6months of farmwork. What's cool is I have more time to finish my art series and I'm drawing a lot now compared to before. I'd like to start drawing tattoos - connect with me on my instagram if you want to make something happen.

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Bundaberg, QLD
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